A new child is born: MpFot

MpFot is an application that uses Java to prepare any kind of picture to be compiled trough MetaPost and included in any MP file. Just as it has been done with TXP, this capability will be included in METAGRAF. Yet under developpement, this facility allows to make any kind of MP drawing including images, real pictures or just created with Gimp or Photoshop....etc. It is prepared also to draw over the image or to clip this last. We are also preparing a "translucent" test to implemment this other capability....and many more in the near future.

The first alfa of MpFot, that has no limit in the size of the pictures rendered with MetaPost, can be downloaded already.

The User's Manual on-line can be found here or can be downloaded in HTML format if you prefer to read it at your leisure, from this link.

Download some pictures where you can see where were placed the sliders and the efect obtained.

Have a lot of fun and tell me if it is useful for you.