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Multibody simulators are widely used for predincting the kinematic and dynamic behaviour of a great variety of multibody systems at avery design step, from the early conceptual  up to the prototipe  level.   This type of computational tools are extremely useful at any of these design stages, providing a deep engineering insight of the mechanical factors involved.

The traditional approach of these tools is to consider all the components as perfectly rigid.  Nevertheless, there are an increasing engineering applications that demand an accurate representation of the deformability of some of the parts, as appears, for instance, in the automotive, aerospace and robotic industries.

This research focuses on the development of efficient computational tools capable of representing the dynamics of multibody systems composed by both rigid and deformable parts, applying Finite Element techniques and special algorithms for the numerical time integration of the equations of motion.  


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All movies show actual calculations performed with the in-house program EPI

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