November, 10 2000  

"Welcome to METAGRAF's Old Place"

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We are proud to announce the launching of the first BETA version of METAGRAF-3D.
You can find it at the new page of METAGRAF


The version "1.1.0-beta" is already finished. We are struggling with the User's Manual. Sorry for the delay.
This version is a totally new, redesigned version that includes everything present in last versions plus, for the first time, the capability of drawing and looking at perspectives views of drawings in 3D.

A new User's Manual written in "html" will show an in-depth, detailed explanation of all the possibilities of METAGRAF. It can be read using a common browser (better Netscape) or consulted on-line inside the program during working time (the first version of this manual will be written in spanish, but will be translated to english in a short time).

For Linux users, it is recommended to install the new version of XFree86, 4.0.1, as there is a big step in quality. With it, linux and windows versions runs equally well and the possible blinking of the cursor is finished.

New objects, as "spiral", have been included and most of the routines translated to double precission, as working in 3-D needs it.

Working in 2-D will be as simple as always, or simpler due to new facilities. A new cursor has been designed to specifically cope the need of precission in METAGRAF making it a "children's play" to select anything with or without grids.

See the appearance of the new METAGRAF-3D in this screen shot.

If no waiting is the case Download MG_1.0.5 files in "tar.gz" form.

Some small bugs have been removed and the old appreciated facilities, as scaling any text, including math, in both horizontal and/or vertical size, and also making slanted text from a standard one, have been maintained. Anyway, this time more emphasis has been given to the pure design of typical "books drawings".

See a few shot of these pictures.

See a shot of METAGRAF-3D-alfa

This shot is inspired (not to say "copied") from one of the color-plates from the extraordinary book "The LaTeX Graphics Companion". I've done it in its totality with METAGRAF in about half an hour. You can see a "not_very_good" shot of the Ghostview output here.Printing it, it's just perfect.

And now, you can just play a little bit with the first METAGRAF, almost a year old now.